eBook Price: $30

A favorite secret readings system of Kenton's finally revealed in full.   
The Gemstone Hand Readings system allows you to give quick, accurate, novel, psychological and symbolic readings without difficult study or memorization. 

A colorful and mystical photo of a hand is shown. Gemstones (you can use our "Chakra Set") are placed upon the photo diagram by a participant. 

Amazingly, from this simply action the Mind Reader can talk all about a person's likely traits, issues going on in their lives, and other relevant and important information. 

You are supplied with FIVE DOWNLOADS including two different hand charts, a chart to be used as a sign or poster for your advertising, the full system instructions and a take home sheet to give to your clients or spectators. 

Easy to do 
No difficult memorization is required 
It is NOT Palm or Hand Reading
You intuitively know everything about this system already, so it will be natural to you 
A UNIQUE and VISUAL reading system that is a true original 

It is based in part on an oft-forgotten teaching in Wonder Words, taught completely for the first time in this system, along with subconscious meaning and symbolism...none of which you have to force yourself to remember. 

 The system is I believe, very well worth it. 
Tony Razzano  

Kenton has been known to put out some esoteric material best suited for the professional mentalist, but this system is also geared to the magician who wants to begin giving readings. It is highly recommended. 
Fred Rosenbaum

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